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Clayfield - Round 4 - McSkittles


Pirate's toystore got a good review (and another Best of the Best award).

Hamilton is still working for him and he is gaining badges too.

Devon continues to steal their gnome every chance he gets.

I bet you don't remember that last round Lotte got pregnant again? Here's the first bumb.

Dorris and Tyson are about to teenify in 2 sim-days.

♥♥♥ faces

And now... Makeovers! for Pirate and Lotte. They really needed it.

..._so_ much better, IMO.

The only annoying thing about the school hack is that buss doesn't came to pick the kids up. 
Pirate's new "familyvan" does the trick.

Lotte continues to work at her spa.
She takes turns with Pirate, so there's always one parent at home when kids come from school.

Oh look, a happy customer!

Finally! More customers!

Ben will soon grow up as an elder, while Pipe still has few years left.

After getting her business to rank 3, Lotte got enough money to pay rest of her loan so the spa is officially hers now!

Not again!

This means that the town jail gets a new tourist. Ha!

Ty is still the Happy Little Maid, who cleans for his own pleasure.

Pirate's store got a little makeover too.

And he received 50K from the city. Kaching!


Lotte's Fist In Da Face-pose.

Um...Okay then.


Meet baby Edison McSkittles, Ty and Dorris' little bro.

Sneak peak from the school... Hamilton throws a tantrum.

Emmaline makes moves on their teacher. Very inappropriate!

Come on!
*turns ACR teen-adult interactions off*

Roux, that's just too creepy!


Ben is an elder now.

Edison grew up ♥

And so did our twins.

Lotte continues to write novels to earn money. She also got a hobby reward from writing.

She just finished her third novel, The Book.
And yes, I'm super creative with novel titles.

Then it was time to take teens out to meet their pals.

Sadly, both of them have only one bolt towards Emma and Toby.

Emma still has the worst luck with boys of her own age.

And this is where we say goodbye for now.

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