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The Tarina Legacy 2.4

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2.0 | 2.1 | 2.2 | 2.3

The very first thing we do is to admire nimi4 's breath taking recolors for the neighborhood sky \o/
I added them to my game yesterday and... Well, I can't help but to drool all over.

To the actual update. Last time Ita died and leaved Elijah behind. He doesn't have too many days left himself.

Btw, he rolled a want to fall in love right after Ita's funeral. I don't think so though..

Darwin and Dalia grew up to adult kitties. It's impossible to say which is which, they look almost identical.

Emilio enjoyed some late night naps at the pool. It seems like a warm spring, doesn't it?

Gaia: "Ciao-oo"

She insisted having a bubble blower, just like Pleasure sims always do.

Then it was time to say goodbye to my beloved Eli. I was really sad to see him go..

Goodbye *round of tissues*

The Tarina's have their own family-graveyard. Here lies now our two founders. Rest in peace.

And then it's time to see what happened at uni.

Lora was waiting at the UNI for her younger siblings to join her. She was bored.

On top of it all, the only guy who she had chemistry with in her dorm, ended up ACR'ing with a fellow-dormie. Thanks a lot.

Not fair. Just not fair.

I'm pretty sure I have the same exact expression sometimes while playing..

Then Ella joined her sister.

Let us bang our heads to the wall together, sis.

Then Ella met this free-loving young man, who's name escaped my mind.

I'm pretty sure it was lifestyle that draw her interests.

Looks like Mickey is going to get a date soon.

Ella: "OMG, I mean... you really are totally nekkid!"

Mickey: "Yeah baby, wanna join?"

Lora, it's too obvious why you too start showing interest in him.

Lora: "Okay, time to stuff face with cookies."
Ah, those periods. I empathize.

Finally, also Basilio grew up and joined the devoted students.

Looking good ^^

Testing the boundaries of fellow dormies, are we?

Then Lora thought that it was time to get some action. She bootycalled an ex-fellow dormie...

...Who looks like this. Don't ask what's his name. Please.

But right after she greeted him, she started to have second thoughts. After all, they have only talked once before!

Since Lora backed down, this booty pal found someone else to go under water.

And then it was time for Basilio to take a taxi and head back home. 
He is, after all, the heir of Gen 3!

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