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The Tarina Legacy 2.3


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Ita finally reached her goal and LTW.

Gaia befriended with a stray cat called Misu. She's a pure breed Milkyway ;)

And later the same night she joined the family.

Basilio grew up and looks just like his daddy. A heart-breaker, I tell you!

He loves to teach Misu the basics of living indoors.


These two are still going at it.

Bonbon: "Uh... I sense a strange force somewhere near.."

Elijah started to write a book, just for sake of killing time culture and civilization.

Basil got a tiny makeover.

The elders enjoy weird backrubs...

Misu made her home at the counter. I think she needs a mate, don't you?

Beware Siri... I'm gonna get you someday!

This years last snow is falling... I hope. We need spring already!

And then, one day Elijah's LTW was fulfilled with a Golden Anniversary.

The whole family was there, including YA Lora and Vince with his firstborn, Simona.

And now, picture time!

Say "Cheese"!

Vince also has another daughter, she's still a toddler.

It was a nice evening.

Tired little Ella is going to grow up soon.

One day Emilio drove to the local pet shop and bought a mate for Misu. Meet Moe.

Ella got teenified and left to college the same night.

I want kitties!

He's quite a charmer ♥

Basil got a bronze badge.

Oh ou... Conflics :P

Moe is basicly Basil's cat. Just look at them!

Their house is starting to get crowded with pictures.

Emilio is almost at the top of his career. LTW is going to fulfill soon.

Moe: " I'm watching you!"

Gaia doesn't have much time to be at her store, but that one night brought her a silver badge.

Gosh, how I love Ita's expressions ♥


The female kitten is called Dalia and male is Darwin. I think they'll stay in this family, atleast for now.

Ah, fresh fish for your kitteh!

Finally, it was spring.

Swimming in the food bowl is one of kitten's amusements.

To celebrate the spring, they got a pool.

And finally Basil grew up.

I was sorry to see that Misu's behaviour towards Moe was getting worse..

But I was more sad to see Ita go. Byebye dear, I'll miss you! ♥
I thought that she'd have one more day, but the Grimmy came at 9 PM to take her away...

Soon after his grandma's death, Basilio packed his bags and went to college.

And this means that...


Heir Poll is open in few minutes (click the link above)

Next time we'll see how Lora, Ella and Basil do at the college and finally find out who's going to be the heir!


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