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The Tarina Legacy 2.2

Finally, new update for Tarina Legacy:

1.0 | 1.1 | 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 | 1.6 | 1.7
2.0 | 2.1

Refresh your memory with the previous update(s) ^

Okay...So where were we. Gaia became pregnant for the third time by risky woohoo.

Emilio was attacked by Bonbon...

...and Elijah retired. Now we have a permanent nanny familymember who stays home.

Ita teached Raffaella how to walk (although she seems to prefer her grandpa).

Ita has as lovely tablemanners as before.

Both of our elders are still pretty active. In every way, as we soon see...

Emilio forgot his clothes after one of the million bubble baths he takes.

This little girl is Simona, Vince's daughter.
Lora brought her cousin one day from school and they enjoyed smustling together.

These girls are BFF's.

Ah yes, activity...  They sneaked behind the corner to make out.

Emilio tries to give enough attention to his kids, even though his main interest isn't actually childcare.

Lora got a new haircut. 
Her birthday is just around the corner (but hopefully not the same corner, where her grandparents prefer to hang out).

Oh look, a flying pig! *distracting waving behind the screen*

Pop numero uno.
And I just now realize that "numero" in italian means the same thing as in finnish. :)

One of the many things, why I love S2 more than S3 ^^

Surprise! Gaia started a grocery store to make her and future heirs life more interesting.

My boring MMO

Siri was one of the first customers.
And really, I have to marry her in this family someday.

Back at home Elijah loves to play with her grand-daughter while others are at school/work.

Emilio shows us, that you don't have to stop encouraging your kids after they have learned how to use the toilet.

Lora demonstrates one of my favourite things about S2-kids. Naps on the couch.

Ita, if you go to write your diary in the same room as Emilio, don't be shocked by his presence.

Elijah, be careful... In that age you both are more likely to break bones while doing that.

Time for Ella to grow up!

And here you go: three generations of Tarina women. Ita obviously refuced to try modern entertainment.

And since I missed the pop Numero Due, we'll jump straight into delivery.

Finally, it's a boy! Meet Basilio Tarina.

The girls are excited to have a baby brother.

Although Ella seems to have mixed feelings about him. Atleast in this picture.

Ita is almost at the top of her career. Another LTW gets filled soon.

ferretsims 's Bennett walks around this hood too.

All these pics of baby feet just because they exist! (unlike in S3)

Handsome boy, who looks a lot like his daddy.

You better watch out, Gaia. In my game also females can get pregnant if abducted...

I finally remembered that Emilio was on a wrong career, so he switched to Military. It's his LTW.

Ita cooks autonomously lobster... Oh boy, this family has trouble of staying in shape.

Gaia made this face after gaining weight.

And then it's time to meet teen-Lora!

B-day Fartz.

Emilio and Gaia took some time off for themselves. Both were longing to go on a date.

I know that face..

No, no rhymes. I think three kids for them is enough anyway.

And we leave them as Gaia is about to make a challenging move.


Next time we'll see the other kids grow up and send all them to college.

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