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Clayfield - Round 4 - Charter-Mifsud

Honeybear with her family moved from the apartment to a house of their own.

This is the boys room, it's in the basement.

These are pretty much the only pics of Devon on this round.
He was away most of the time, either at school or working at Andre Novell's music store.

They also finally got their wedding pictures developed!

Honeybear made huge changes with her electronics business. Well, first of all they build some walls around it.
Then she hired Zoran to work as a restocker.

At first there wasn't much to be sold, but it was a improvement from selling just cellphones, mp3's and handhelds.

This is how Zapz, the Clayfield small electonics store looks like.

Ruth got a tiny makeover.

Galen still struggles with school.

Morty is still giving financial advices to make money.

/end house tour.

Honeybear started selling toy robots at her store, so Morty is helping by making them at home.

Ruth grew up to be a cute little princess.

Honeybear hired Hilary Bigfoot to work as a crafter. She was left unemployed after Bennett Nova moved and expanded his pet shop.
Hilary is also the manager at Zapz.

Even thought there was a huge improvement in the shop, they got a bad review.

ACR took over and one day Honor Troii started to woo Aden Mason!

They are selling now other robots too. Hopefully some day they'll start making more money.

Ruth is making friends with her classmates.

Galen is few days from becoming a teen.

And on the last day Ruth maxed her mechanical skills.

See ya on round 5!

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