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Clayfield - Round 4 - Never

The very first thing that happened when I entered the Never family, was Sidley wanting to get engaged to Joe.
Last time Joe was dreaming about the same thing.

But before we take a peek at their relationship, it's time to check with Sidley's business.
First off, she sold her small gardening shop.This enabled her to...

...expand the Magic Drops. Actually, she started a bigger shop on another lot.

Pollyanna takes care of the customers and restocking, while Sidley has time to make more magic.

And this is how the shop looks from outside.

And investment notes means, that there's someone in the family with Fortune aspiration. Who could it be?

It's Joe, of course. He moved in and is getting to know Sidley's sons.

I hear wedding bells.

And on the next night, it was time to tie the knot.

I planned to show the whole lovely ceremony but Fraps failed me.

Then it's time to have wedding dinner a´la Stripe.

Damani congratulates his boss and good friend.

And at last, the official family photo!

They didn't plan to have a baby but...

...It happened anyway. *giggles*

Sidley has a new hairdo now.

And Joe hired Honor Troii to work as a server at the City Hall restaurant.

Father cooks, daughter serves.
I only wish there could be waiter's clothes for teens too! Conversions, anyone? :)

*whistling* Not the best first day for Honor.

I see progress!

Yes, progress indeed.

Random cry session, because Sidley was spying on Stripe and got shoved.

I love to watch sim families eating breakfast together. Perhaps because that was very unusual in my childhood.

Babby on the way!

I had to give a little pond for them, since all the boys wanted desperately to go fishing.

And then... Time to teenify!

Oh... house full of teen boys!!11

And all the boys post-makeovers.

Toby is kind of geeky. I luv that :)

Isn't he precious?


I had to show this... They all went to Joe's Gym and Honor wanted to flirt with Toby. Fail. :P

And we leave them when the boys are fixing a car so that they can go and meet ladies faster. Right?

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