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Clayfield - Round 4 - Gallagher-Nova

'Ello Creepy Nanny...

...who came to look after Elfreda while Bennett and Angeline were at work.

...and she seems to be useful in many ways!
I have a habit of aging nannies down to YA. I had a hack for it before, but it was conflicting with clean templates.

Finally Hamilton grew up!

Ben and Angie kept ACR'ing, but no rhymes. I think three kids may be enough for them anyway.

And Bean is still there, too :) I think he has to get a pet friend soon.

The family moved into a larger house, and this one has plenty of room for all of them.

Savio is such a sweet boy ♥

Elfreda grew up too.

Hamilton is dreaming of becoming a criminal. How positive.

Elly after her makeover. Cute cute cute!

They needed more money. Under 1000 § doesn't take you too far with a large family.

Uu... I may have some plans for Hamilton and Honor here.

Still no rhymes.

Oh crap!

Good Nyx. Just ignore the alarm, that'll help.

YES! This means that...

...She get's to have another vacation in the slammer.

Hamilton got a job at Pirate's toystore. There's plenty of jobs for teens in Clayfield.

Ben sold his little pet shop to buy a bigger one.

On weekends Hamilton works at the family business.

It's Pepe's Pets, makeovered by cinnepin 

Awesome faces ^^

I happened to check for Angeline's LTW... Looks like I got a wrong sim in the family to start a pet shop!
But this LTW can actually be fulfilled in BACC!

Hail Attack!


Angeline has now time to learn about gardening, since there's no small children in the house.
Their garden is so large, that this house can be concidered as a farm. That means that they'll get more help with taxes.

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