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Clayfield - Round 4 - Troii

We start when Honor has problems with school... Yaiks.

Then I realized that I haven't even looked the LTW's!

And since Stripe wants to work as a chef, he became the owner of Clayfield's little diner.

Iz needed a makeover, so here you go.

It was a busy opening night!

But all in all, Stripe was a happy camper. :)

Iz stays still at home to take care of little Mervin.

Good girl Honor. Study like there is no tomorrow!

Ah, Rocky grew up.

Mervin became the cutest thing ever! He makes me want to squeeee.

Too bad that I don't have enough imagination to make him persue this dream without Maxis careers.

Hector gets lots of love from Merv.

Then Iz took Rocky with her to the clothing store. He met some other teensters too.

And learned some important skills for future shop owner.

Rocky is adorable! He went to tuck in his sister autonomously ^^

What a miracle! The uniform is working correctly for once!

Later on Stripe replaced the townie-employees with playables.
Andre Novell is currently working as a part-time waiter.

And Bennett Nova works as a host.

He gives his wife very warm welcome.

Oh hail.

Oh happy day, Honor got an A+!

Looks like they are planning to have a fourth kid. No luck yet, though.

Oh crap! I thought I bought them an alarm but I guess not.

So hello again, Nyx...

In the morning I noticed that she stole their car too! Argh!
Iz woke up to call the police but Nyx managed to escape before that.

This made her determined to do something, so Iz bought the Police Station and wants to continue her LTW there.

Mervin grew up again.

...with his sister smiling kind of creepy behind...

They also renewed furnishings in their house.

Rocky bought drums and maxed his creativity on the first night.

Baby #4 is indeed coming.

On the weekend they went to the local park, since almost all of them wanted to go fishing!

...And they enjoyed an evening at Joe's Gym.

Hector is still such a character ♥

Third birthday during this update. Honor grew up to be stunning young woman.

And now, finally we say goodbye untill round 5!

At the end of round 4 Iz gave the ownership of DressSim to Rocky, who is going to continue working towards rank 10.
Stripe got a new job besides his restaurant. He works also as a chef at the City Hall.
It's possible that Honor is going to inherit the baby supply store, unless she wants to start something new.
And we'll see how Iz manages at the Police Station. We'll have to see if there can be prisoners at the owned business lot. Possibly no, but I want to give it a try anyway. :)

And yes, I installed Monique's period hack (at MTS) because I don't want to be the only one who suffers it's fun.

And once again, forgive me for the grammar mistakes. I is too tired to think about it.
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