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Clayfield - Round 4 - DeCarlo

Remember our semi-playable mayor Joe? Well, I decided to make him a real playable and include him to the rounds.

We've seen him earlier, when he was collecting taxes. But surely this handsome fellow is more than just  a tax collector!
In case someone is interested, Joe is Riku-Petteri Nummela from my previous legacy, born in-game.

He moved into the same apartment building where Marylena and Damani live.
He is a fortune sim, who wanted to start dating and it turned out that he has two bolts with Sidley!

But I really didn't see this coming right away.

On their first date, he wanted to propose her! So it seems that this is not just a hot and heavy fling.

Meeting other residents at the beach.

He also started a small souvenir shop at the City Hall... well as the first owned restaurant!
This is the place where Damani works as a host.

Joe: "Man, how do you use this thing!?"
Stripe: "Dude, just keep it cool."

I love that other playables gain badges even when I'm not playing them.

Then we can enjoy some glitched fat morphs.

He took a loan and bought the Cratus Gym.

...which started running very well!

Ah, chocolate-banana pancakes.

Izumi is one of the regulars at the gym.

...when Devon just wants to dance.

Joe works also as a personal trainer, gaining some §§ on the side.
He is such a tough trainer, that he made Stripe cry xD

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