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Clayfield - Round 3 - Novell II + Summary

Marylena Novell moved to her own apartment in the beginning of round 3.

Her new home is part of Plasticbox's Backdoor Lane series.

She also bought the bar, where Andre plays piano for tips.

Angeline Gallagher-Nova is one of the regulars. Housewife gone wild.

Because of a pesky grill incident her business lost two stars. Darn!

Stripe visits the bar way too much, too.

Because life should be more than tending bar, Marylena asked miss_essa</lj> 's Damani on a date. They met last round.

He's already smitten with her.

And soon he moved in.

And then, Marylena got pregnant.

She's now working to slim up a bit and continues to run her business.
Damani started working as a host in a local restaurant.


Summary of round 3:

Births: 4 ( Galen and Ruth Mifsud, Elfreda Nova and Mervin Troii)
Adoptions: 4 ( Toby and Zora [Never], Sia [Novell] and Emmaline [Bigfoot])
Deaths: 1 (Nat Mason)
New residents: 2 (Pollyanna Le Petit, Damani LeCreuset)
Playables: 35
Households: 10

New businesses: 2
Businesses total: 14

Taxes collected: 17 600 §
Tax refunds: 6 048 §

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