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Clayfield - Round 3 - Novell

Roux gets new pupils every round and it feels overwhelming at times.

He also gave home to this little orphan, called Sia.

Andre is still hot and heavy with his townie-girlfriend Pollyanna.

Felix and Faline

Sia loves to play videogames. What an unusual child...

Roux got a little makeover.

He also participated on food contest and won.

On weekend they took some family time together and went out . First stop was Bubble & Bath Spa.

I rarely use recliners and have never seen these cute animations before!

Felix ♥

Then it was time for Andre to grew up. Happy 18th b-day!

Later the same night he moved out and into his own apartment. He also took Felix with him.

Sia is enjoying the spring with her new dad.

They also got some fresh fish and veggies from Harry's store. It was a miracle, that there was some left!

Faline is now the only cat in the house. We'll have get some company for her.

And the students are waiting for the summer!


I played one day with Andre in his own place to complete round 3.

They finally went further with Pollyanna, who also grew up the same day as Andre.

He asked her to be his roommate and later...

She moved in.

Then Andre decided to start his own music business.

Good start!

In the beginning Pollyanna is helping with the cash register, as she already gained experience as a teen.

Andre hired Devon Mifsud, who is anxious to earn some more pocket money.

Andre's music shop is a success!
On the third day (yes, I played three days straight with the business) they reached rank 5!

The shop is still rather small and simple, but it has a good selection of instruments.

Pollyanna is a knowledge sim, just like Andre. And this is a want that is going to get fullfilled.

They ACR'd but (luckily) she didn't become pregnant yet. They both are still 19 so there's absolutely no rush.

We'll see them on round 4!

Then, couple funny pics:

It looks like Sia had heared adults talk about Pirate and his wife's playtime at the spa...
I really freaked out when I saw her thinking about woohoo!

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