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Clayfield - Round 3 - McSkittles

Pirate's toy shop, Little Stars is doing quite well.

They finally had enough money to expand and add upstairs for more toys.

Tyson always plays with his food.

Then they grew up, finally!

Tyson left in the middle of the night to steal back their gnome from Devon Mifsud. I never knew that kids can do that!


Devon is stalking the gnome again.

Then they started a new business, a Spa. This humble little place, Bubble & Bath is owned by Lotte.
Yes, I suck also at naming businesses.

Bubble & Bath has two hot tubs, a sauna and massage table. Just a little place to relax.

Angeline Gallagher-Nova was the first to get a massage.

Back at home Lotte is trying to lose those few pregnancy pounds. Clearly joga is not her thing.

Dorris and Tyson are so cute :)

That comes handy with the new business too!

Ty is our little helper. He cleans almost everything in the house.

Lotte continues to write novels. Her second one is nearly finished.

They need money to pay back the loan she took to open their Spa.

Finally they are going somewhere with all the bubbles.

On weekends the whole family goes to work and kids play with their activity table while parents take care of customers.

They also finally got a family portrait.

And on the last night of Round 3 Lotte got pregnant again.

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