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Clayfield - Round 3 - Charter-Mifsud

We start when Honeybear is finally ready for commitment.

She and Morty are all over each other, all the time.

Simultanious weather reaction.

Morty works at home, giving financial advices online. He earns about 130 § per hour.

He's also part of investment group. Little risky game...

Baby #2 is coming!

It's another boy, called Galen.
I can hear giggling amongst my fellow scandinavian readers now :D

And surely we want to see him as a toddler as soon as possible?

He looks like his brother, but with Morty's nose.

Flying Vomit.

When is the proper time to tell your kids about birds and bees?

Galen is a little cutie pie ♥

Devon still loves ballet.

Galen grew up.

They both are active, but other wise they are completely opposite by personality.

Then Devon started his rebel teen years.

So close...

And now it's time to visit City Hall.

Say hello to Mr and Mrs Morty Mifsud.

Other guest were mayor Joe DeCarlo and Andre Novell (who seems a bit cranky).

Devon felt sick while watching his parents making out.

And now, it's picture time!

Second birth during this update.

It's a girl! Her name is Ruth Mifsud.

And before we say goodbye, we have to see her as a toddler.
She looks just like big brother Devon ^^

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