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Clayfield - Round 3 - Bigfoot

Last round we left when Harry Bigfoot was trying to summon aliens.

...which was succesful.

/ end of hairyman spam.

Hilary is busy with the garden. Finally they can start selling fresh food on the marketplace.

Harry and Hilary decided to give home to one of the city's orphans, Emmaline.

Emmaline gets along well with her fosterparents, especially Harry.

More veggies, please!

It was a busy day. The whole town came to buy fresh vegetables after a long winter.

Emma's success in school leads her to an akward situation.

They bought a womrat for her, called Tiny.

Right after they got the bad review, their little market reached rank 5.
They had already a good review and Best of the Best reward.

As a knowledge sim, Harry wants to meet aliens time and time again.


My sentiments exactly.

Seriously. He came back home with spaghetti plate stucked on his head.
I'm NOT responsible for this, I swear.

After getting to rank 5 they finally had money to build some walls and floor to their store.

On weekends Emma joins them and plays with her toys the whole day while Harry and Hilary are working.

Hmm... it would be nice to have a werewolf-servo.

Emma loves bigfoot hugs.

First school day.

See you on round 4!

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