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The Tarina Legacy 2.1


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2.0 | 2.1

It's a girl! She's called Lora.

See? I told you. miss_essa 's Damani is a naughty boy. But I still heart him.

Fighting against gravity, but still having lovely alone-time.

Maranda is filled with interesting townies. Like this one. Stylish boy!

Emilio's having some one-on-one time with himself. Becoming a father really takes it out of him.

More good news to ya!

Then Lora grew up.
(There's something extremely adorable in this picture ♥)

And she is adorable ♥ I love that she got Emilio's eyes.

Elijah adores his first grandchild.

She's Leo, like her dad. To be exact:

Sloppy/Neat 5
Outgoing 9
Lazy 3
Serious 3
Nice 7

Elijah is handsome even as an elder ♥

Baby #2 is coming soon.

More than anything, Lora loves to hear stories. She's constantly asking for someone to read to her.

Nooooo! What on earth, they have a burgular alarm outside!
It turned out that the alarm wasn't working because it was placed behind the fence...
So she stole their golden bookcase (for the third time!).

Because enough is enough. Say hello to Lady, our handy little helper ^^

Nom nom.

Lora grew up to start her school year.

She looks very much like her dad, with mom's skin and brows.

Emilio being handy.

And wanting something very inappropriate. And impossible as well.
But after all, who wouldn't want to fall in love with Ita?

Babby time!

Three different reaction to birth. Pick your favourite.

This one is a girl too. Her name is Raffaella (but I'm sure we'll call her Ella from now on).
She inherited her grandpa's black hair ♥

Emilio is starting to warm up to fatherhood.

I got so excited to see the new baby, that I didn't realize it was summer..
"Uu, my cheeks are burning!"

Gaia is climbing the steps to success in Politics..

Ella grew up and is a gorgeous little girl.
Her sign is Leo as well, but more active and playful than Lora.

And Ita grew up too.

They are still hot and heavy with Elijah, always ACR'ing.

And baby #3 is on it's way.


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