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The Tarina Legacy 2.0


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2.0 | 2.1

Gaia: "Okay, now I'm bored."

So, let's say hello to the heir!
With her pleasure aspiration this may get interesting.

After waiting the whole day for Emilio to answer his phone, they finally made it to date.
And where else, than selenaq13 's Simmy Shops!

I know that smirk, Emilio...

Even Charlatan came to cheer them...

Such a cute couple ♥

I want to eat him.

Tadaa... A little surprise.

...which was recieved with exciting faces, as we see here.

Emilio: "Sorry baby, that's just way too soon for me"

Gaia: "You can't be serious?!

After coping from the disappointment she still managed to sweep him from his feet.
Notice waiters approving glance.

While we wait for them to get back, it's time to see the changes in the legacy house.
First off, here's Gaia's pet Bonbon. She got him at uni.

They had to expand the house, so former nursery became a hobby room, from where we can climb upstairs.

Gaia's bedroom

Yes, they got a small green house too.
Okay, now we can continue.

Hmm... Romance/Fortune. Interesting.

E got a makeover.
And I swear, he moved in with those undies!

Emilio: "Sorry dear, I guess I was high on omelette back then...
Will you marry me and fulfill my biggest fear make me the happiest of men?"

Gaia: Oh, it's shiny!

I wonder where they all are going...

Maranda (my legacy hood) got a city hall and this couple was the first one to get married there.

Meet Gaia and Emilio Tarina.

They had a handfull of witnesses, like Alwunda, Roxelana and Thecla Bee-Nova.

And Ita came in her old wedding dress...

Ita: "Time to start spawning, my dear."

No need to repeat that request.

And after their wedding night came the first bumb.
Gaia actually got pregnant the day Emilio moved in.

She got a tiny makeover too.
And I have to say, that I'm in love with these replacement maternity clothes

Who could resist this face?

That's miss_essa  's Damani LeCreus. He walks by and steals their newspaper almost every day...
But I still have hopes to include him to the story at some point ;)

Belly's getting bigger.

They hired a maid, which turn out to be male for a change ^^

Gaia started reaching towards her LTW at Politics, becoming a mayor.

I love to see these boys coming along.


I've gained my playing enthusiasm back and there's going to be more updates soon. ^^

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