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Clayfield - Round 3 - Never

 I haven't been in simming mood lately, but I have some older pics left so here you go...
 Another update from Clayfield!

Little Aden is growing up and enjoying his daddy's attentions,
even when Nat's behavior otherwise is questionable.

This just melts my heart ♥

Nat's night time actions.

Stinky man is stinky.

At this point I installed Lightning mod (by Spookymuffin at GoS).
I have to say, I love it ♥♥

Then all of the sudden, Nat died. He got a cold and didn't last for a whole day :/

Sidley decided to move with Aden. They found a nice place across the street.

Her new look.

Aden grew up.

Sidley got a manager for her garden shop so she can concentrate more on selling magic potions.

Because they had extra room in the new house, Sidley decided to give home to some of the Clayfield orphans.
Aden could use playmates, too!

So here's Toby Barton...

...and Zoran McCrystal, Sidley's adopted sons.
They both kept their original surnames.

The boys share a bedroom.

And this is their play/study room.

Sidley has her own room too, of course.

Their house is the Caliente MMO

Sidley promoted Pollyanna (Andre Novell's townie girlfriend) as manager.
She's thinking about expanding her shops, as soon as she has enough money.


In the end of round 3 Sidley got refunded with 400§ according to her taxes.
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