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Clayfield - Round 3 - Gallagher-Nova

*shopping music*

Bennet stays home with Savio while Angeline is working at the clothing store.

Morning sickness is...well, morning sickness.

Hamilton's first A+

Savio grew up to be adorable ^^

Another baby coming through.

And then they adopted a kitten called Bean.

Is it cold, dear? *lol*

Bean is now an adult.

"But teacher, our cat really distroyed my homework!"
-" Nice try."

Babby Timez

Meet babygirl Elfreda Nova.

Have you ever runned so fast that your legs went through your stomach?

I made some custom strays, here's one of the small dogs.

And Savio grew up.

He got some new clothes and hair-do.

Elfreda grew up too.

Nat is practicly begging for some butt kicking, let me tell you... He walked in without asking, yet again.

And here we say goodbye. See you on round 4.

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