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Clayfield - Round 3 - Troii

 I promised myself that I wouldn't spam so much for a week or so. But I can't help it  x_X

I believe it was Stripe's little grocery store that got to rank 6.

Rocky really, really wanted a puppy so they adopted one.

Meet Hector. One of Pipe's puppies.

Just a little excited.

And here we go again. All by ACR.

Honor loves Hector too.

And then he grew up.

The spitting image of his mother, I should say.

Honor's b-day.

Baby #3 coming through.

Honor met Hamilton at school.

Don't mind me, sweetie. Just work, work like there's no tomorrow!

She loves playing with blocks and maxed her skills too.
There's a certain job that would suit her later.

It's a boy called Mervin. I didn't take a pic because he looks just like his siblings.

Darn, Stripe has some strong genes! Even after rolling pacifier all kids look like him.

Then I saw Suzy's ghost. It made me sad :(

Never seen this before, either!

At the beginning of round 3 each family had to pay taxes.
The Troii's are the wealthiest family, so they had to pay 9 000 §.

All tax-money goes to city's bank account and are used to earn a university. They still have a long way to go...
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