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Clayfield - Round 2 - Novell II

Next, the Clayfield Police Station, runned by Marylena Novell.

Well, what do we have here? Marylena has opened a business on the Police Station.

In fact, these are stolen stuff.
After criminals get arrested, anyone is free to buy these things and support Clayfield's Police Station.
It's kind of like police auction.

We have met this girl before. Her name is Nyx and she broke into McSkittles house in the last update.

And these are obviously the things she stole from them.
Stripe seems to be interested about the rug.

And who do we have here? It's Nat of course.
Marylena cought him stalking behind jail windows and put him into observation over night.

She doesn't have much to do at nights. She's thinking about start dating.

The first official prisoner is having nightmares. *lol*

And finally Mary met some new people. 
The mailman didn't have much chemistry with her but miss_essa</lj> 's Damani has two bolts with her.
I see that this is going to lead somewhere.

Mary started selling burgular alarms at the station. What better place than that?
The only unfortunate thing is that it is a home business, so controllable sims can't visit the lot.

Nyx had a meltdown.

*lol* And her cell was full of visitors.



Nyx was released after 4 sim-days. 
We'll have to see if she learns by her mistakes and starts to live as an honorable sim or will we see her again under this roof.
It's more likely the later one, I'm afraid.

Oh right, and the jail got expanded. There's now room for 4 prisoners.
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