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Clayfield - Round 2 - McSkittles

Here we go, the family of sixamsims ' famous Pirate McSkittles.

First, here is new addition to the family. Her name is Pipe.

She's quite the character, trust me.

Lotte's first POP

And Pirate's first struggle for his life... Blame the wife, she broke their trashcomposter.

Pirate's toy business is struggling. He really needs to hire some help.

He still diggs treasures to support his family. They don't have enough resources to sell his treasures in a shop yet.

There was a huge rage wave in the babystore the other day. Iz was feeling lazy to serve customers.
Finally after 4 hours Pirate made it back to home.

Lotte continues to write novels to make money. Her first childrens book is now ready.

And she did pretty good!

Look at her smirk! Character, I tell you.

"On the road again..."

Both babies got Pirate's eyes. This one has his hair too, while the other one got brown hair from their mom.

So, let's meet them. This is Tyson who looks a lot like his mom. He's got elf ears.

And this is Dorris. She's daddy's girl.

Dorrie loves to dance.

...And try to sneak out to sleep in the dog house.

I luv this ♥♥♥

Oh crap!

What do you think you're doing in the nursery?!

Luckily cops came fast after Lotte finally managed to call them and they chose to fight. In the nursery.

"Oh, is that snow I see?"
Good try to avoid the akward situation, Lotte. Nice.

Oh happy day, it's a miracle!

They lost their TV, a nursery rug and curtains.

Then something positive. Andre Novell came to Pirate's shop and he was hired immediately.

After Pirate could concentrate on being a cashier, their rank went up.

Both kids love their dogs. Here Ben gets some love from Dorris.

BTW, Ben and Pipe had puppies and they all went up for adoption.

And it was Ty's turn to sneak out to the dog house.

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