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Clayfield - Round 2 - Novell

First of all, Andre grew up.

And here he is now. Handsome boy :)

They got 2 cats: Felix (who is famous already)...

and Faline.

Roux's school is doing well. There's now 14 kids (5 teens and 9 children) and more to come.

 It was at school where Andre met Pollyanna Le Petite.

They are going steady now.

I'm still watching you...

This is Clayfield's newest community lot.

And why am I showing this? Because Andre started a night job here.

He's playing piano for tips.

His LTW is become a Rock God but since ordinary jobs aren't allowed,
he's going to reach for his dreams by doing gigs and later owning a music shop.

And might I add, he's doing very well! 9 creative points gave him first night 700§ and second night 800§!

Faline and Felix had 2 kittens, but they went up for adoption. 

There's lots of kids here who want to get kittens or puppies, but with clean templates there's no such cuties in the town by default.
So time to make pets breed!

Andre has his own fan club already.

Taking a break from childcare, Iz?

And we leave them while Roux's is nearly having a nervous breakdown. Teens... They just don't want to learn.

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