Maranatah (maranatah) wrote,

Clayfield - Round 2 - Bigfoot

Hilary's days go by as she works in their garden...

...makes enemies friends...

...And gains badges. She's still also manager at the local pet store.

Their homelife is kind of boring. Harry tries to escape to the world of cooking from now and then.

They continue selling fish at the marketplace. Other sims buy all that it's available.

But on the other hand...Who wouldn't buy fresh fish from a hairy-butt creature?

Nat still comes uninvited and acts like a jerk.

At last, time to tie the knot.

They had to have a wedding night too, of course.

Btw, it's too bad that ACR 2 doesn't work with bigfoots. :(

Winter Fun.

And let's not forget the visit of certain person...

Ironicly, I can't stand fish in RL.

It's now proved that I can talk also to trashed snowmen. What a skill, I tell you!

And we'll leave them as Harry is trying to summon aliens.


Mmm... let me see. They are either going to adopt a kid or then Harry takes a ride on a space ship. See ya next round!
Tags: bacc, bigfoot, clayfield, round 2, ts2
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