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Clayfield - Round 2 - Charter

Remember Honeybear (by charterzard ) and her mystery room mate? Well, as you might have guessed ACR got them.
And I finally remember the guy's name. It's Morty Mifsud.

Her small electronics shop is doing okay. But not great. She isn't gonna become rich this way.

But atleast she got a good review and award.

After work nothing feels better than dining out... Or does it?

We all know what this means.

After rolling Fortune as her secondary aspiration, she finally has 2 bolts with Morty who is a Fortune sim too.

Getting some baby supplies...

...and toys.

Playing piano is almost all that Morty does. But Honeybear enjoys it.

Watching tv while your baby is being born... Typical.

Meet baby Devon.

He has to grow into that nose though. But he's adorable ♥ He got Morty's eyes.

He had a nightmare about Honeybear kissing him.

"Umm... you are...kind of heavy, my dear."

Finally he started showing some attention to his son! While still being only their room mate.


"What does this mean?!"

I decided to move Morty in since he was about to have another kid with her.

And Honeybear got some support from the city to stay at home with the kids.

This is the only "regular job" that Clayfield residents are allowed to take.

Yes, don't look there sweetie.

Devon started his school year in Roux's class with 13 other kids.

And we'll have to wait until next round to see, if he gets a baby brother or sister. Or both!

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