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The Tarina Legacy 1.6


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Gaia wanted a parrot, who's named Bonbon.

Time to start collecting portraits.

Joss (by petchy_14 ) is their mail carrier now.

It was a very hot summer.

Visiting local beach.

They relaxed and met pennysims 's Milja and other townies.

Oh crap...

No alarm, of course. The burgular stole their bookcase.

...and Vince was sad.

No time for tears, cause it's time... go to college.

Not everyone appreciates his flirting.

Interesting dormies you have there...

Vince had negative chemistry with all girls except one. Her name is Rayne.

Then ACR took over.

From holding hands... first kiss...

...and finally something sweatier.

Nice, soothing bubblez and strucked by lighting after that. That's one of the dormies (not Rayne).

Then Vince asked Rayne to move in and they got a small place next to the dorm.

In a meanwhile at home...

Gaia grew up and after couple of days she moved to college to live with her bro and his girlfriend.

Next time we'll see which one will be the heir.


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