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Clayfield - Round 2 - Never

Sidley, the angry little gardener is finally happy. It's harvest time!



This is pretty much all Nat does. Useless, useless man.

Then he wanted to be useful.


Since Nat's unexpected death was evil works of ROS, Sidley got an idea.

She started studying more ways of darkness.

POP#2 came during her study session.

And finally, after 1 whole day of studying she maximized her magic skills.

It was time to wake the zombie!

The first thing that Nat did, was kiss his wife.

...who started hoping for similar destiny for herself.
" too, ME TOO"

I don't remember I have never seen this positive memory before.

At night, there was someone outside...

...besides Nat, who was dining out.

If your husband is useless, try making him a zombie. Welcome promotions!

And then... YAIKS!

It's a boy!
Welcome to the world, Aden Never-Mason.

He got his mum's eyes and skin.


His eye shape came from Nat, definitely.

Because I ♥ toddler's bedtime pics.

Nat became actually more fun to play with after he was zombified. He used to bore me to tears.

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