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The Tarina Legacy 1.2


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First of all, here is their new home.

Ita had to work out to get a promotion. One lousy body point and hours of sweating.


POP #1

Her maternity leave started with studying about hammers and nails.

Pregnancy symptoms: gass and laughter.

POP #2

Just  because she is so awesome.

And another promotion...

Dancing hour with SO. I never realized before, how much their fun bar goes up!
BTW, Elijah's OTH is music and dance. Ita's is sports.

They can't wait to see their baby for the first time.

Then it was winter time...

...followed by baby time.

It's a boy!

Meet Vincente Tarina.

Carpool arrived an hour after Vince was born, so while Ita went to work Elijah called in sick.

He surely is worth of rushing to the cake!

Vince got daddy's eyes and ears but mommy's skintone and hair.

Birthday Boy says howdy!

Because this update wouldn't be complete without PT faces.

Ita ran to bed as soon as she came home from work so Elijah started teaching his son.

Remodelled nursery.

And Vince's personality.

Time for potty...

...and night night. ♥

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