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The Tarina Legacy 1.1


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Good morning, handsome!

Heading to work. Day #1.

And finally he got some windows and bricks to his humble home.

He asked Ita on a date and they went to Yellow dining and eats (by an_nas ) in Downtown.

He is (almost) a Family Man now.

Low Budget Fun.

He got some new stuff, like rugs, painting and few plants.

Yey, more money.

Ita came over.

I really love her expressions.

Then ACR kicked in.

And Ita was ready to move in.

Oh so pretty ♥

She's currently working as Deep Sea Excavator.

Then it was time to tie the knot.

Meet Mr and Mrs Elijah Tarina.

She looks great even with this suit!

Darn you luck!

Luckily they had Ita's money so they could expand the house.
She is, after all, pregnant. Yey!

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