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The Tarina Legacy 1.0


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This is Elijah, the founder of Tarina Legacy. He's one of my favourite sims ever, born in-game.
(His father is sixamsims 's Pirate McSkittles and mother is AL-townie La Shawn Cameron.)

His handsomeness will be presented many times in the future, as we take the first step towards future generations.

Elijah Tarina

Age: 19
Zodiac sign: Leo 5-9-4-4-3
Aspiration: Knowledge/?
LTW: Golden Anniversery
Turn-on's: black hair and werewolves
Turn-off: Unemployed

This is what he managed to get with 4800 §.

Elijah had 3 § left after building his house, so he started to dig for stuff and went fishing.
Luckily he managed to catch something to eat.

When he went to buy groceries, it was a good change to meet some local sims. They didn't impress him much.

Then the Magic Ball (find-a-mate by twojeff's) brought lady called Ita to him.
They have two bolts.

She's little bit old-fashioned maybe, but still gorgeous!

They became friends and little more too.


Elijah's first job.

Random mean sim, who came to kick his trashcan.

They became good friends. Not.

Then, after a long first day it was time to go to bed.

Tarina is finnish and it means 'story'. I picked this name because it's after all my native language and also because it sound italian as well.
All in-game born sims will have italian names, since I love italian language. ♥

I hope that I'm able to play atleast untill gen 5 with them.

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