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Clayfield - Round 2 - Troii


Rocky is still adorable. And sometimes annoying.

As is Izumi.

Baby #2 is on it's way.

Suzi gets love from all her familymembers. She has only few days to live.

2 out of their 3 businesses have now managers. Makes things alot easier!

Then Grimmy takes Suzi. They buried her in their backyard.

Iz checks the businesses every day. At least for now she's going to stay home taking care of the kids.

Stripe makes rounds at all the businesses, just in case.


ACR strikes with townies.

Happy Cashiers.

And finally it's Rocky's cake timez.

He stays adorable ♥

It's a baby girl.

Then, all of the sudden there's a lot of drama in the house... ROS gave them fire :(

Luckily they got it under control in time, because Rocky almost died. :(
I barely got him safe by making he run into the nursery and locked the door.

And this is baby Honor.

She looks just like her brother, even though I rolled pacifier. But atleast she is one of the cutest toddlers ever!

Yey, Stripe's PT faces ♥

Rocky will start in class 1 at Roux's school when it's time to play the school lot.

Luckily their personalities are not the same.


No luck this time.

Business information:

DressSim: Rank 6
Petit Feetz: Rank 5
Stripe's Grocery Kiosk: Rank 5

Izumi rolled a want to buy a vacation home, so they bought under 20K cottage from Twikkii Island.
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