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Clayfield - Round 1 - Novell

pennysims 's Roux Novell lives in a trashy trailor in the centrum of Clayfield. He runs the Clayfield Public School.

When he moved in, he had very limited funds so the decor of the house is very minimal.

Trying to make friends with Stripe. The expression says it all.

Roux got to know some of the kids and teens of the hood when they came to his school. Since all of these kids live in a orphanage, Roux wanted to give a home to some of them. He adopted a teen-girl named Marylena...

...And a boy called Andre.

So this is our little Novell-family.

One of the girls threw tantrum at school and started kicking the violin. Never seen that before in my game.

Roux and Andre visited the local playground (my Family Fun-park) when Marylena was at work.
She's an employee in Sidley Never-Mason's garden shop.

He loves to read to his foster-son.

Just to show, that Nat Mason has strange hobbies... He comes to every residential lot that I'm playing and walks right in to watch tv or something. Even when the residents do not know him at all!
Here he started playing in their yard and came inside even when their door was locked. Spooky...

Marylena wanted to get a cellphone, so Roux dediced to surprise her by buying it and giving it as a present to her.

Their relationship is getting better and they are now good friends.

Roux is busy with teaching his pupils. Most of them try to sneak out before their gradework-time is up.

Funny little struggling face. :D

Andre is an adorable kid. He went to the science lab by himself and started examine the ants. Such cute boy ♥

Sport channel-fun.

Then it was Marylena's birthday.

She grew up to be a very nice looking young woman.
Her aspiration is Romance, btw.

Marylena moved out of the Novell-house later that night and she's now in her own apartment waiting for round 2.

Andre is going to turn into teen the next time we'll see them.


I turned the townie-teens, that are NOT working in any of the owned business lots into kids and from now on the school is only for kids from the age 5-12. Teens will either work in a business or they will attend to high school, that is still a work in progress.

The Clayfield Public School is now at rank 4. Roux recieved donations from the city to help running everything and there's still space for new children in the class 1.

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