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Clayfield - Round 1 - Charter

One of the new residents of Clayfield is charterzard 's Honeybear Charter.

She lives in a 2 BR-apartment, that is barely furnished.

I lovez Yummy Channel-faces.

BTW, she's a Romance-sim.

Honeybear has a small business, where she sells small electronics. I think almost all townies own a cellphone by now.

She was quite lonely in that big-ish apartment of hers, so she got a townie-room mate
whose name I don't remember is Morty Mifsud.
But he is hawt.

They soon became friends and entertained themselves for hours with pillowfights.
They have either no chemistry at all or one bolt, I'm not sure. We'll see if Honeybear gets her way with him in the end anyway.

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