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Clayfield - Round 1 - McSkittles

sixamsims 's Pirate McSkittles lives in Clayfield with his dog Ben.

He runs a local toystore.
(Finally something use for those UNI wallpapers!)

First days in the business it's all about getting badges, right?

He also digs treasures to get some extra cash.

This is his house, a Strangetown MMO-lot.

He met his mail lady Lotte Neils one day and decided to get to know her better. They appeared to have two bolts.

Lotte came to dinner and watched while Pirate was cutting his fingers to make spaghetti.

And they did, right away after the first datetimer had ran out.

Am I suppose to understand, that you are not interested enough of her?
(his face got stucked like this for hours)

In the end of the night they became good friends. And more.

But when he asked her to move in, she refused and ran off the lot. Full bladder, I suppose.

However, Pirate is not that sort of sim who gets defeated easily.
He bought a tiny vacation lot from Three Lakes and asked Lotte to come with him on a vacation.

And this is what they did first after getting off the taxi.

I cheated to give Lotte a minor makeover. Her eyes are still startling. I'm actually a little intimidated because of her.

They had a great time on their vacation. Sharing a bee-filled tour brought them closer together.

And this is Pirate's luxurious hut. 
Just enough room for bed, small table and chairs, minor kitchen and a tiny bathroom.

Finally Lotte's pride caved in.

They got engaged...

...And married. Never had sims getting married on vacation before.


First set of twins in this hood!
(unless T&Q decides to surprise me...)

Pirate got a little makeover. He now has some hair! Woot woot.

At home Lotte spend time with Ben and they seem to get along well.
(I also discovered that you don't need to get a 'babysitter' for pets when sims go on vacation)

While Pirate runs the toy store, Lotte is working at home. She's a housewife who writes novels.
Her first project is a children's book.

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