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Clayfield - Round 1 - Gallagher-Nova

Now me meet the next resident of Clayfield, ferretsims</lj> 's Bennett Nova (23).
He's a Fortune-Popularity sim in my game.

He met townie Angeline Gallagher (23) when she kept coming to his business, the local pet shop.
A little later Angeline became first Bennett's roommate, then she moved in properly and became pregnant with risky woohoo.

Angeline is Popularity-Fortune. She is the manager of Izumi Troii's clothing store.

With a little one on the way, Bennett wanted to make their relationship more committed.

And she accepted.
(btw, I really love the faces sims make when proposing)

The house is quite small and maybe a little too compact to my liking, but there's still room for the baby.
Upstairs there's bedroom, nursery and bathroom.

POP #2

They wanted to get married before the baby is born. Their kids are going to inherit the Gallagher-Nova name.

This is Bennett's small pet shop, Pet Paradise.

There's two employees, a townie-teen and Hilary-servo.
Hilary got promoted to manager. She tends the store so Bennett can stay home when the baby comes.
He'll earn money by selling paintings while Angeline goes back to work.

Buying babystuffz from the Troii baby store.

And finally Angeline gave birth to a baby boy. Meet Hamilton Gallagher-Nova.

Then the gypsy came to visit and dropped the magic lamp to their doorstep.

Big surprise, Bennet wanted money. They still had under 20K in the bank.

Angeline had problems with knowing what the baby needs. He stinks, so maybe little cuddling will help.

(I think this is one of the funniest faces sims make)

And then was Hamilton's birthday.

He grew up to be a heart-breaker.
Eyes and skin from mom, hair and ears from daddy.

Bennett had the pleasure of potty training his son.

And Hamilton passed out in the hall when his mom was trying to figure out how to put a toddler to the crib.
Don't worry, he made it to the crib before his mom passed out.


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