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Clayfield - Round 1 - Bigfoot

Harry lives with his girlfriend, Hilary-servo.

Their house suits well for a bigfoot. Lots of natural elements and colors.

Both of them are working hard to earn money by selling veggies and fish.
Their own a little marketplace in the center of Clayfield.

Although Hilary is also working at the local pet store as restocker.

Sometimes Hilary forgets what to do and heads for the telescope at daytime.

...And Stripe doesn't appreciate it much. I think she saw him in his jammies. Or maybe more.

Harry loves to give bigfoot hugs and Hilary loves to recieve those. They make a good couple.

This is their modest little fish market. Veggies aren't yet ripe.

Business is actually going very well, since they don't have to pay the items themselves.
They are already at rank 4 after 2 work-days.

And finally, I came to visit them. And I didn't even eat the fish they offered.


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