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Clayfield - Round 1 - Never


The second sim who moved to Clayfield was sixamsims 's Sidley Never.

She's Popularity-Knowledge and an evil witch.
As you see, one of the things she enjoys the most is gardening.

She lives in a trailor where she has (of course) her own little dark cave.

Sidley owns two businesses. This is one of them, Magic Drops (rank 7 ATM).
Here we have everything from love potion to poison...
Her other business is a little gardening shop.

She's nearly desperate because she happened to walk past another lot where was a tree fire. Poor thing.

From all the townies she met in her businesses, she didn't have chemistry with anyone.
Magic Ball brought waiter Nat Mason to her and they had 2 bolts. Finally!

And after sleep overs Nat moved in.

He's Popularity-Grilled Cheese who has already nearly maxed his cooking and cleaning skills.

Getting groceries from Stripe's little shop.

They both wanted to get engaged and married, so here they are.

Meet the Never-Mason family. :D

They ran off to their honeymoon to Three Lakes.

Enjoying the local fuudz.

1. Never seen Charlatan dressed as a lumberjack.
2. Never thought other NPC's could also get robbed.

Sidley found herself getting tired very easily.
I wonder why.

And Nat turned out to be a useful husband. Is that a golden trout I see? And without badges!

Learning local massage-moves.

And the Butt Slapping Dance.

Of course they went there. Meet Henry Bigfoot.

But they didn't take Henry home with them. One bigfoot per city is enough. For now.

Nat broke his wrist during the battle. Looks pretty bad.

Aaand then was time to face the reality at home.

And here we have Harry, who's bottom was presented earlier. We'll meet him later.

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