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Clayfield - Round 1 - Troii

Stripe Troii by sixamsims was the first sim to move to Clayfield.
He started the first business, a small bed-selling market and met there townie called Izumi.
They have two bolts and they got married in their own yard.

They had their wedding night in a local hotel. It was successful in every way.

While I was playing with other residents and their businesses, Izumi bought autonomously a dog called Suzi.
I decided to let them keep her. She is already an elder and has only few days left to live.

Isn't she gorgeous?

BTW, they both are family-fortune sims.

Damn you, ACR!

She started acr'ing with random customer at their clothing store. Needless to say that automony got turned into spouse only.

...Because I like Stripe way too much to let him have an unfaithful wife.

He's so cute ♥

He wanted to participate a cooking contest.

...which he lost. Small wonder.

And then it was babytime.

Meet the little boy, Rocky Troii.
Blame the random name generator B)

Stripe has a lot to learn about childcare.

Aaand then it was time for cake.

Rocky got daddys eyes and hair and his mother's nose.


Troii Businesses:

* Clothing store DressSim
* Babystore Petit Feetz
* Small Grocery Kiosk

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