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Clayfield - Round 10 - McSkittles

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Last time the whole family was busy working out, Ivar grew up to a teen and did his best to skip school as much as possible. He also started his career as a thief. Lotte wrote yet another novel and Pirate was his own happy self.

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We start with Ivar. Off to do some more pickpocketing!

 photo ScreenShot12415.jpg

But this girl smells something fishy and denies his admirations.

 photo ScreenShot12416.jpg


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This is what he snatched from this girl.

 photo ScreenShot12418.jpg

Nanny Kate seems to appreciate being robbed aswell.

 photo ScreenShot12419.jpg

Couple wallets and exercising machines. Not bad!

 photo ScreenShot12422.jpg

Kiki is one of the puppies that got returned home after the Pet Adoption Center got filled up.

 photo ScreenShot12423.jpg

Skittles and Olga have nicer personalities, so...

 photo ScreenShot12425.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12426.jpg

...Joe decided to buy Skittles for the Orphanage.

 photo ScreenShot12428.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12427.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12429.jpg

And Olga now has a new home at the Teen Center.

 photo ScreenShot12431.jpg


 photo ScreenShot12432.jpg

Before Joe left, they had a suspecting little tickling moment with Lotte while Pirate was resting inside.

 photo ScreenShot12433.jpg

Kiki is now Ivar's dog. I felt he could use a guard dog. :D

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She has such a delightful personality...

 photo ScreenShot12435.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12436.jpg

Ivar asked Aretha out but she refused. However, even after being robbed by Ivar, Leelee agreed! xD

 photo ScreenShot12437.jpg

Giiirl... What are you up to?

 photo ScreenShot12438.jpg

Lotte saw how Ivar sneaked out and didn't do anything to stop it.

 photo ScreenShot12440.jpg

A moment later I noticed Joe standing at the edge of their lot, just standing there!

 photo ScreenShot12441.jpg

It's kinda ironic that Pirate wants to become friends with him...

 photo ScreenShot12443.jpg that Lotte seems to have some kind of obsession about Joe.

 photo ScreenShot12444.jpg

She invited Joe in while Pirate was sleeping.

 photo ScreenShot12446.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12447.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12448.jpg
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Nooo! What are you doing?

 photo ScreenShot12451.jpg

She didn't even get a memory of cheating Pirate!

 photo ScreenShot12452.jpg

I knew there was something going on between these two... and Joe, you have a young pregnant wife at home!!!

 photo ScreenShot12453.jpg

In the meanwhile, Pirate was dreaming about late Chey Lee Troii.

 photo ScreenShot12454.jpg

Good morning, Ivar! Off to school? What am I saying, of course not...

 photo ScreenShot12457.jpg

He decided to spend his day at Savio's minimall, smelling flowers..

 photo ScreenShot12458.jpg

...and teasing fellow teens.

 photo ScreenShot12459.jpg

Now, that's not creepy at all..

 photo ScreenShot12461.jpg

I have a feeling that she's going to write a romance novel next. :P

 photo ScreenShot12462.jpg

Poor Pirate, surrounded by bees once again.

 photo ScreenShot12464.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12465.jpg

Don't you get any ideas, missy!

 photo ScreenShot12466.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12467.jpg

They got some new stuff (I forgot who had the want to buy these). Lotte now has a nice comfy recliner and they upgraded their tv.

 photo ScreenShot12468.jpg

Ivar has hots for Charis!

 photo ScreenShot12469.jpg


 photo ScreenShot12470.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12472.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12473.jpg

And she wants to go steady, too!

 photo ScreenShot12476.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12478.jpg

Aww, so cute! And it doesn't matter that she's couple years older and at college already.

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Pirate had noticed that there was something going on with Lotte and he confronted her. Lotte realized that her crush for Joe wasn't worth sacrificing her lifelong marriage and promised to put an end to it.

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Couple minutes later, there they were... I guess it's all forgiven and forgotten?

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Winter in Clayfield <3

 photo ScreenShot12483.jpg

"Hey guys!" :D

 photo ScreenShot12484.jpg

Seriously, they can't seem to get enough of each other now.

 photo ScreenShot12487.jpg

They even went on a date and were smooching the whole night.

 photo ScreenShot12488.jpg

Um...You live with him already!

 photo ScreenShot12489.jpg

Way to go...Never mind that your granddaughter is bowling right next to you!

 photo ScreenShot12491.jpg

To us!

 photo ScreenShot12492.jpg

Cut it out, you two!

 photo ScreenShot12494.jpg

I don't remember where this happened, but OMG!

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While Lotte and Pirate were busy gettin' busy on their date, Ivar had a date of his own..

 photo ScreenShot12502.jpg

In his parents bed, of course.

 photo ScreenShot12505.jpg

Boris (?) is an elder now.

 photo ScreenShot12506.jpg

Ivar bought his own little warehouse for future purposes. He spent his parents money, of course.

 photo ScreenShot12507.jpg

Now that's interesting.

 photo ScreenShot12509.jpg

I love this picture :) <3

 photo ScreenShot12510.jpg

Time to grow up!

 photo ScreenShot12511.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12512.jpg

I first thought that Ivar wouldn't go to college, but he kept rolling the want so why not. It also looks like he's serious about Charis!

 photo ScreenShot12514.jpg

After Ivar left to college, Lotte had a sad moment realizing that her youngest baby is all grown up now.

 photo ScreenShot12515.jpg

Luckily, her husband of 40 years was there to comfort her.

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Game notes:
- At the end of the round Lotte and Pirate sold their house and moved to the retirement home with the dogs. Ivar will take Kiki with him when he graduates (or drops out) from college.
- Let's Play video update: Ye Olde Pirate , Criminal in Training
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