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Clayfield - Round 10 - Gallagher II

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Last time Savio started two businesses, the shopping mall and a gym. Dorris gave birth to a boy called Kenny and later she had quads, two girls and two boys. They moved into their own house.

 photo ScreenShot12357.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12358.jpgWe start with smelly diapers all around.
 photo ScreenShot12359.jpg

They bought some used toys from Debbie.

 photo ScreenShot12360.jpg

And then the babies grew up. Here's Merlin (?)...

 photo ScreenShot12362.jpg


 photo ScreenShot12363.jpg


 photo ScreenShot12364.jpg

...and Harmon.

 photo ScreenShot12366.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12367.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12368.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12370.jpg

Savio enjoys being a personal trainer. His customers don't seem to enjoy it that much.

 photo ScreenShot12372.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12374.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12376.jpg

With Dorris working and Savio running two businesses, they had to hire our very own Nanny Pain to take care of the kids. And she did a good job, too!

 photo ScreenShot12377.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12378.jpg

They also hired Ida to clean their house, since neither Dorris or Savio had any energy to do that with all the kids running around.

 photo ScreenShot12379.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12380.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12383.jpg

Then they decided that the house is not full enough without some new pets. A new cat was adopted from the PAC...

 photo ScreenShot12384.jpg

...and they also bought a very destructive puppy from the Bigfoots :D

 photo ScreenShot12387.jpg

Poor Kenny...he seems to be left out a little bit, with so many younger siblings.

 photo ScreenShot12388.jpg

I swear, you better not try to have more kids!!

 photo ScreenShot12389.jpg

And finally they all grew up!

 photo ScreenShot12390.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12391.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12392.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12393.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12394.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12395.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12396.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12397.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12398.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12399.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12400.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12401.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12402.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12403.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12404.jpg

Let's just say that it's a full house!

 photo ScreenShot12406.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12407.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12408.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12409.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12411.jpg

Game notes:
- The name for Savio's minimall was taken from SimCity 5.
- Let's Play video updates: House Full of Kids, Car Shopping and Personal Training, F.O.O.D

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