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Clayfield - Round 10 - Gallagher-Keller

 photo ScreenShot12329_1.jpg

Earlier this round Michelle grew up to an adult and moved to Clayton Village.

 photo ScreenShot12306.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12307.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12309.jpg

She wants to work as a registrated pet breeder, so she visited the PAC and adopted a dog and a cat.

 photo ScreenShot12311.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12312.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12313.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12314.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12315.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12316.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12317.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12318.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12319.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12320.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12322.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12324.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12325.jpg
And this is her new home.
 photo ScreenShot12328.jpg

She also adopted another schnoodle called Daisy Mae, who soon started to expect the first litter of puppies.

 photo ScreenShot12329.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12330.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12332.jpg

Michelle is busy taking care of the animals and cleaning after them.

 photo ScreenShot12333.jpg

Oh, and making crank calls to Gisselle.

 photo ScreenShot12334.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12335.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12336.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12337.jpg

The white one is a male called Ramie, btw.

 photo ScreenShot12339.jpg
And then the puppies were born!
 photo ScreenShot12340.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12342.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12344.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12345.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12346.jpg

This is why she's working as a registrated pet breeder.

 photo ScreenShot12347.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12348.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12349.jpg

She invited her bf Jager over and he moved in.

 photo ScreenShot12350.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12351.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12352.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12353.jpg

Time will tell what kind of relationship this two will end up having.

Game notes:
- Let's Play video update: Building & Decorating - Michelle's house***

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