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Clayfield - Round 10 - Gallagher

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Last time Emmaline gave birth to a boy called James. Hamilton was busy counterfeiting money and almost burned down their house and his youngest daughter. Michelle started dating a townie-teen Jager and Jennifer grew up to a teen.

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Emma sure knows what multitasking is.

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Last picture of James as a toddler.

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Michelle went steady with Jager and grew up to an adult.

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She moved to Clayton Village to start her own life.

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Ham spent a day in jail after being cought kicking trash cans. Isn't it ironic, that his sister runs the jail?

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He also had a very busy day at work, trying to stop the whole store from burning down!

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But atleast the reporter was impressed!

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Don't ask.

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I want to say that Ham hired Michelle to work at the store, but I seriously can't remember! xP It's been months!

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Emma invited Albie over for some action, and apparently he's hoping that she would eventually marry him.

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Ahem... Ham is as clueless about Emma's affairs as ever. And little James gets shooed when these two are warming up the sheets right after Albie has left.

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Emma's little book store got a good review.

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She also put some new novels for sale, written by no other than Lotte McSkittles!

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Ham and Michelle agreed that since Arthur doesn't get along with the older cat, Michelle will take him.

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They adopted another cat from the PAC.

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Rich came to visit his sister.

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And meet his little nephew.

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Jen had her first kiss with Cameron!

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Okay, something more than just first kiss. Darn those teens these days!

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I was REALLY curious what's Emma's want about so she invited Roux over.

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Oh, I see...

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First he rejected her flirting...
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...but only a moment later he was hooked. I still think that he's a little clueless about Emma's intentions and thinks that Emma just has some kind of crush for her old teacher.

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The bird died...

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and Alma became an elder kitty.

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Harry stopped by, and they had a weird bonding moment gossiping about poor dead Hilary. :P

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Emma wanted to visit the cemetery, where several ghosts were on the loose!

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I suspect that she was pleased to see her foster-mom's ghost.

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And it seems that Alma is not getting along with the new cat either! :(

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Game notes:
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