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Clayfield - Round 10 - Nova

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Last time Bennett met and married a NPC cook Zara. The quads grew up to teens and the whole family went on a vacation to Twikkii Island.

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Ben's doing as great as it's expected. xD

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In case you need a reminder about his traits.

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Happy customers all around.

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Zara got inspiration to get fit.

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 photo ScreenShot12182.jpg

Enjoying some take-out.

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They hired Hayden to take care of their miserable little front lawn.

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 photo ScreenShot12186.jpg

Zara stopped by at Rocky's fitness store and bough an exercise bike.

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And off to the cemetery the teens go!

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They bought flowers and a candle for Angeline's grave.

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I forgot that she's in love with Jay!

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And Dustin has sneaky plans towards Jeevika.

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Back at home, Ben wanted to test out the new exercise bike.

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Oh right, they have the automatic take-out machine!

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 photo ScreenShot12201.jpg

Zara finally reached her goal.

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 photo ScreenShot12203.jpg

Umm... Okay.

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Everyone is spying Stripe!

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For once his unlucky trait failed him. :D

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Well, that's nice.

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Opal has hots for Hubert, it seems.

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 photo ScreenShot12220.jpg
And then they grew up! First is Opal...
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I believe Shevon was the only one who wanted to go to college. All other siblings became adults and moved out.

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At the end of the round Ben and Zara decided to sell their house and move to the retirement home. Opal was the first one to visit them.

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Due to the rules of retirement home living, Ben sold his business and donated the money to the city.

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Game notes:
- Let's play video updates: Mr Unlucky and his family, The Unsuccessful Ghost Hunt

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