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Clayfield - Round 10 - Branch

What?! A new Clayfield update?!
Sorry guys, it has been ages but we're finally back! :)

 photo ScreenShot12142_1.jpg

Last time Ida, an ex-townie, moved to Clayton Village. She married her townie-love Lars and they had a little boy Leon.

 photo ScreenShot12133.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12134.jpg

The hospital gift shop is doing very well.

 photo ScreenShot12135.jpg

...Except that Lars has something against poor Shevon, who does her best to work the cash register.

 photo ScreenShot12137.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12138.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12139.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12140.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12141.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12142.jpg

Little Leon is a sweetie pie.

 photo ScreenShot12143.jpg

Sims from all over Clayfield visit the hospital every day, which makes me wonder what kind of health issues they have.

 photo ScreenShot12144.jpg

Lars continues to work around the hospital, fixing what needs to be fixed.

 photo ScreenShot12145.jpg

Ida became pregnant for the second time.

 photo ScreenShot12147.jpg

She stopped by at Harry's little farmers market to buy some fresh fish.

 photo ScreenShot12148.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12149.jpg

Almost on level 10 already!

 photo ScreenShot12150.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12151.jpg

Leon grew up.

 photo ScreenShot12155.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12152.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12153.jpg

Ida does her best to make some new pottery for sale.

 photo ScreenShot12154.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12156.jpg

Lars got promoted and is now working a morning shift, which means that they will need to hire a nanny when Ida goes back to work.

 photo ScreenShot12157.jpg

 photo ScreenShot12159.jpg

After his first day at school, Leon already got A+! He's a genius!

 photo ScreenShot12158.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12160.jpg


 photo ScreenShot12161.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12162.jpg

Lars adopted a kitty for Leon. I've totally forgot his name already.

 photo ScreenShot12165.jpg
 photo ScreenShot12167.jpg

Ida gave birth to a girl, who was named Agnes.

 photo ScreenShot12168.jpg

She looks so happy :)

 photo ScreenShot12170.jpg


Game notes:
- I first named the new baby Ada but changed her name after realizing how similar it is to her mom's name.
- Let's Play video updates: Clayton Memorial Hospital and Cats and Babies
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