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Clayfield - Round 10 - Johnny's B&B

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Last time Murdoch and Lexie moved in to the B&B, Murdoch started to work as a street musician, Joelle was busy casting spells on her customers and Lexie started her sewing business. Joelle bootycalled Edison and got pregnant, but she had a miscarriage. Chyna gave birth to Johnny's baby Megan and at the end of the round she moved out to her own apartment with her. Murdoch started dating Sunday Novell.

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Earlier this round Joelle bought a cat from Mervin and Elfreda, and she named him Baxter.

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Johnny finally started his own bank.

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He hired Ash's daughter Bea to work as a restocker, and Robin Troii and Morty to work as cashiers.

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Morty is selling bank books and credit cards.

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Stripe STILL keeps calling and Ash at the B&B! O.o What a strange bug!

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Joelle is working her magic. In her underwear. In the backyard.

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Elvis DeCarlo is the next new resident in the B&B. He just grew up to an adult.

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And of course he had to bring Hilda with him!

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He took a big loan and bought a business in Downtown.

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Johnny's bank is doing quite well.

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I'm so annoyed, that sims can't give financial advices on community lots!!
That would have been perfect for a bank. :P

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Joelle wants to get engaged to Ed! Woot woot!

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And Lexie is busy making some inventory for her business.

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This is how Elvis' business looks like.

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Next new resident is Katerina Pain, who just grew up from the Teen Center.

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She started the first daycare in Clayfield and is now a playable nanny.

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Hilda ♥

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Joelle asked Ed over for a date.

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And Johnny bootycalled Ash over.

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Let's hope that Ed is finally able to make a commitment that lasts!

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Lexie surprised me by rolling a want to have a baby. Since she's not involved with anyone, she decided to adopt.

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Meet Kara Bigfoot!

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Opal is so happy that one more orphan has found a loving family. Oh well, a parent atleast!

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Hilda is an elder now. :/

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Stripe is still cranky old man who rans over to harass sims.

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Time to pay rent.

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She wanted to start a garden, but there isn't much space at the B&B.

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Joelle got pregnant again.

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And here's Kate's business, Little Rascal's Daycare!

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I love this lot!

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Hmm...We will need a mate for Elvis.

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Elvis decided to ask Sunday on a date, even though she's already dating Murdoch..

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Elvis has heard rumors that Hamilton has been spending some time at the jail.

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Oh wow!

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Interesting fears you have there..

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Thanks. I guess?

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Thanks Sunday, Elvis could really use that money!

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Still a long way to go.

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First pop for Joelle.

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She's thinking about the first baby she lost on last round. :(

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Watch out, Stripe can run all the way from Clayton Village like no-one else!

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I told you so.

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And now, it's time to have Johnny and Ash's wedding! The start was very interesting..

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Please note that Marylena was first kissing Damani and then her husband.

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Meet Mr and Mrs Smith :D

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Most of the guests disappeared in the middle of the party, but Sunday, Korey and Bea stayed.

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They didn't even eat at the same table :D

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Elvis' hard work has paid off.
(read: using the exercise bike for couple hours..)

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And now Joelle is looking forward to get married and have the baby.

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Kate is still tending her garden. In winter.

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At the end of the round Elvis moved to Clayton Village and is a roommate for Hayden Troii.

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Lexie decided to move to her own place and bought some toddler supplies from Debbie Robertshaw.

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They are living next door to Chyna, who is happy to babysit Kara whenever Lexie needs help.

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She's so adorable ♥

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Lexie needed to go and take care of some business so she asked Chyna to babysit again.

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She also enjoyed some fresh pastries at Kitty's bakery.

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Harry called and Lexie invited the family over for Kara's birthday.

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But as soon as they got there, Harry and C.J left. :P

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She also bought some more stuff: a desk and a chair for Kara and a tv.

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Game notes:
- We will have to see who Sunday is going to choose: Elvis or Murdoch!
- After the wedding, Johnny moved to Clayton Village to live with Ash and the kids. The B&B residents are now living there by themselves and continue to pay rent for Johnny.
- Let's Play videos: Elvis' business, Clayfield City Bank, a day at the B&B part 1 and 2, Little Rascal's Daycare, Johnny and Ash's wedding and decorating Lexie's apartment part 1 and 2.