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Clayfield - Round 10 - Troii IV

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Last time Hayden was busy with the gardening stuff, Ash gave birth to baby boy Jamie and little Bea grew up to a child. Ash and Hayden got engaged and married, and soon after that Ash started an affair with Johnny Smith.

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So this is their new kitty. I changed her name to Cherry.

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So Hayden doesn't want any more kids and Ash doesn't want to lose Johnny. Hmph.

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They moved to a new apartment, which is also owned by Johnny (ironic, isn't it?). They live in apartment #2.

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Ash bought some used furniture and stuff for the kids from Debbie.

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And this is how their apartment looks like.

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Bea wanted to have a womrat.

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Rocky came to visit...

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...and headed straight for Jamie's toy robot. :D

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Both of them dream about having more action. With other sims.

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Ash stopped by at the car dealership and met her dad Damani there.

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Jamie is such a cutie pie! I love him to bits ♥

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And then, one day after Hayden had left to work, Ash invited Johnny over.

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Those two were in bed when Hayden returned home, and we all know what happened next.

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That's it, it's over between us!

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I still find this memory a bit harsh :P

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He immediately rolled wants to go on a date and woohoo with more sims, so I don't think Hayden has a hard time getting over the divorce.

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But the kids... They were the biggest concern for him :(

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Johnny got tired of seeing Hayden and Ash fighting, so he started cleaning! O.o

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Hayden decided to move out to a nearby apartment, so he said goodbye to the kids.

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It was really tough for them :(

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It looked like Ash doesn't want to commit to Johnny either.

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But she didn't have any problem traumatizing the kids with him. x.X

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Poor little Bea... She went to her parents bed and slept on what used to be Hayden's side of the bed.

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But life goes on, and Ash got a job at the campus café as a barista.

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Bea wanted to learn how to manage her anger after her parents divorce. That's a very mature thing to do, my dear.

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Ash seemed to have other ways to manage her anger.

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Hayden kept walking by every day and staring at his old home..

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And Ash kept dating Johnny, and bumping into Hayden right in the middle of it.

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Johnny wants to get married to Ash now.

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And Ash decided to get pregnant again.

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Then it was Jamie's birthday, and Hayden was of course invited. He and Ash managed to behave civil during the party.

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So cute!

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One night our favourite ex-con Murdoch called Ash and asked her for an outing.

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And it was the strangest outing group ever! xD
Major Joe, Joelle , Ash's sister Sunday, Murdoch, Ruth Novell... And Pastor Benjamin!

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Murdoch and Sunday snuck to the bathroom to smooch.

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Ash did buy some ice cream for everyone :D

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In the meanwhile, a nanny was taking care of Jamie and Bea. She even cleaned the house..

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... and had some playtime herself.

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Hayden still keeps walking by every night and kicking the trashcan.

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Another date with Johnny, and this time Ash actually rolled a want to get married to him!

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So Johnny popped the question right away.

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First pop for baby#3.

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What's up, dude?!

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And then Bea grew up to a teen. Her aspiration is

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Pop #2.

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So Hayden is now living in his own apartment.

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He went to the recycling center to buy some furniture since he has very little money now.

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He saw Bea in chat and asked the kids over.

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They went to the bowling alley to have a nice family evening.

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And he now has pictures of both of the kids with him. :)

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Now that he was living by himself, he felt that it would be great to have a new pet. Coco was adopted from the PAC.

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His business is also doing quite well.

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Although, he still has quite a lot of debt.

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While Hayden was working, Coco decided that he needs a new bed. :P

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You may remember that Hayden wanted to meet new sims? Well, here's a townie called Adelaide.

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They have couple bolts so he asked her on a date. And immediately made his feelings known: this is just a casual thing, not a long-term commitment.

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But she doesn't seem to mind that.

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Game notes:
- The decision to have Hayden and Ash divorce was based on their wants. They didn't have any wants towards each other and kept rolling wants to have affairs. That just goes to show, that as a player you shouldn't be too quick to make sims do something, like marry someone if they don't roll a want to do so. Ash and Hayden never rolled a want to get married or even engaged, and I made that happen anyway ;P
- Let's Play videos: all the drama that lead to divorce, Hayden visits the PAC and his day at the garden shop.