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Clayfield - Round 10 - Troii III

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Last time Elfy became a werewolf (ROS), Robin grew up to a child, baby girl Samantha was born, Mervin sold a lot of fire alarms and the prisoner Murdoch spent a lot of time crying, reading and talking with the prison chaplain. At the end of the round Murdoch was released from the jail and moved to Johnny's B&B.

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So, we start with some exciting news. Ham finally went to jail because he kept kicking trashcans on other sims lots. He had to stay in the jail for 1 sim-day. He also met the newest buglar Zara Breeds, who will be staying in the jail for two round. :D

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Yeah, I bet it's humiliating to be a prisoner in the jail that your sister is running!

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Sims are mad at Zara for trying to break into their houses, so they keep stealing the newspaper from the police station.

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Elfy tried to explain to her brother, that all sims must follow the law and get punished if they get caught doing something naughty.
Even when they are relatives!

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So Ham and Zara are sharing a cell.

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Elfreda went to Clayton Village and adopted another cat from the Pet Adoption Center, where our previous prisoner Murdoch is paying back to the society by taking care of the animals. It's a female cat who's name I can't remember.

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Back at the jail, Zara was trying to get her first kiss with Ham! xD

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Well, it didn't work.

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Kittens are on the way!

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I think we are going to have a nice collection of mugshots. :D

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Aaand, she's still trying and he's still rejecting her.

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Zara used the toilet and Ham's bath water got cold xD

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Mervin is teaching little Sam to talk.

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More furious sims stealing our newspaper... Look out, next new prisoner might be you!

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At Elfy's alarm shop, Lexie got a kiss from Rocky LeCreuset, Damani's son.

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Can you see how pretty much the whole Thackray family is involved with stealing papers and kicking trashcans?!

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Ben came to visit and met his newest granddaughter.

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Mervin asked little bro Hayden to do some gardening.

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Three strikes and you're out, Marylena! That's the second time you're stealing the paper!

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At the fire station, we had a fun time watching Honeybear with her lovers and husband. It was a close call!

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And Mervin's business is now on level 4.

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A new kitty is born! It's a male kitten.

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*shopping music*

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Time for Robin to grow up!

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I forgot to take a picture of him, but his aspiration is Romance/Grilled Cheese.

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Romance sim, who wants a lot of kids!

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Little Sam grew up aswell.

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Don't worry, you won't be having more kids if I can help it. I think two is enough for you.

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More kittens coming through!

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Darn you Devon... It's not our fault that Zara tried to break into your home!

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Othelo became an elder :o

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I've never seen this before!

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Why are you thinking about him!?

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It was time to ask the prison chaplain Benjamin over to talk some sense to Zara.

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But no, she still wants to conquer the world.

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Elfy and Mervin were desperate to have some alone time so they had a quick date.

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This is how Robin greeted with Avery! GC sims seem to have their own greeting O.o

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Oh wow, two bolts!

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Can you see how obviously Lush came to check what her daughter is doing with Robin? :D

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He wanted to ask her out.

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The kitten grew up and was adopted by Joelle.

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While Zara was having a meltdown in her cell (Ham was released at this point)...

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Robin and Avery had a great date outside.

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And he wants to ask her out again.

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Sam wanted to have a ballet bar so Mervin took the kids to Rocky's store, where Robin also got some new gym clothes.

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He met Callie Bennett there, and they have three bolts!

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In the meanwhile, pastor Benjamin was counciling Zara who is still hoping to become rich overnight.

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Robin asked Callie out...

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..and just when they had kissed, Avery walked by! :D Great start for Robin's romancing career?

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Elfy was trying to get pregnant but luckily it didn't happen. Enough with the kids, the city is crowded already!

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And we end with a obligatory cat-in-the-toilet picture. :D

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Game notes:
- Elfy is going to be cured from lycanthropy on next round.
- Zara is going to be in the prison until the end of round 11.
- Let's Play videos: Elfy goes patrolling, part 1 and part 2 and Mervin's day at the fire station