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Clayfield - Round 10 - Troii II

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Last time the family lost their house due to a ROS event and moved to a apartment. The twins grew up and they all met bunch of neighbors. Other than that, nothing special happened.

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Oh no! Chey Lee was rolled to be the victim and she can't have any medicine for 4 days.

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But first, here's Rocky laying off Katerina from the clothing store.

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Chyna was promoted to be the manager.

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Hunter became an elder doggy.

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Charis wanted to go to college.

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Rocky took a loan...

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...hired Jen to work at the clothing store...

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...and bought a new business, the sporting goods store.

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So Chey got sick. :(

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She's thinking about death?! O.o

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The twins both wanted to buy toys :D

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Rocky added some new punching bags to his selection.

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Wow, Giselle has three bolts with Cameron!

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So she invited him over from across the street.

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And let's just say that ACR COMPLETELY took over the situation... :O

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No Chey, you are not having any more kids.

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Chanelle asked Fred from the TC out.

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What is with these teens?!!

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Rocky is now free from debt.

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Hunter <3, who actually looks a lot like my own dog. :)

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Chey is still sick.

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She didn't make it. :(
Even though she pretty much spent most of the time relaxing, she couldn't recover from the food poisoning.

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As a workaholic, Rocky puts all his grief and depression into working.

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And he even wants to buy a third business!

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Game notes:
- Rocky ended up buying a small business, where he will start running a pizzeria on next round. He's also going to pass on some of the businesses to his kids later.
- Chey Lee's death was a surprise to me, even though I should have guessed it based on her thoughts about gravestones...
- Videos: Rocky's day at the clothing store and the new business