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Clayfield - Round 10 - Troii

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Last time the family moved to Clayton Village, Isilme grew up to a teen and they went to Twikkii Island to enjoy their vacation home. Izumi had a strange obsession with selling lemonade, Stripe looked funky with his sun burns and Isilme started dating Korey Thackray.

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They had so little money that they ended up selling the vacation home.

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They adopted Nugget, a chihuahua-french bulldog mix.

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I noticed that the broken tub upstairs actually leaks downstairs! :o

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Dear sir, you of all sims need to learn this. Good boy.

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Iz finally wanted to get back into shape.

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You try that. After all, you keep harassing other sims with telescopes in nearly every update!

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Isilme went on a date with Korey to the bowling alley and they started going steady.

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And then, it was time to have a family re-union! Stripe had the want.

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Yes, you and that baked alaska clearly are "something special"! xD

Watch the whole re-union, where Isilme also grows up to an adult.

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Isilme took a loan and bought her own little toy store.

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Gee, thanks Korey! She could use the money.

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Stripe was inspired by his daughter's toy bench.

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Another date, this time at the Lazy Llama Café on campus.

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Wow, Korey wants to get engaged!

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Isilme's new room.

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She hired Hanako from the TC to be the cashier and Lily DeCarlo to craft more toys.

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Thank you very much...

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The store window with current toy trends :D

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Another date.

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You better not get pregnant yet, Isilme...

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