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Clayfield - Round 9 - Summary and statistics

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Tyson was working hard in his garden and digging for more questionable treasures (read: rocks) to sell in his business. Kitty sold a lot of delicious baked goods in her bakery. The twin boys grew up to children and the teens are trying to figure out, what they want to do when they grow up.


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Lexie got abducted by aliens multible times (ROS), grew up to an adult and moved to Johnny's B&B. Harry suffered a temporary breakdown and later decided to adopt another little orphan, C.J. Rich was busy building badges and selling fresh produces to other residents. He also later started dating Finley Mifsud.


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Ida Dortmans, an ex-townie, moved to Clayton Village and started working as the town's official maid. She married Lars Branch, who works at the Memorial Hospital and they had a little boy called Leon. As members of the hospital staff (Ida doing the cleaning and Lars being a paramedic), they are able to live in a apartment at the hospital.


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Steve Danner, the resident scientist, married Branka Bowlen who's a fellow ex-Teen Center resident. Steve was busy running the Science Center and Branka started her own business, the bowling alley. After doing some research, Steve discovered that he has a cousin, Kurt Novell who used to live with him at the orphanage before Roux Novell adopted him. Now Steve and Branka are looking forward to have enough money to move out of the trailer park in Clayton Village.


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Joe DeCarlo suddently found himself in the middle of a pack of relatives, when his cousin and sister moved in with his family. Joe started dating Opal Raymond, the Orphanage social worker, and is planning to marry her on next round. Joelle moved back to Clayfield and is now living at Johnny's B&B. Elvis had a date with Sunday Thackray and is about to grow up to an adult. Joe's cousin Adele Petrillo and her husband Salvador started a hairdressing shop in Clayton Village, and later they adopted one of the orphans called Prester. Joe's sister Lily soon moved out to start her own little farm and life her plantsim life to the fullest.

DeCarlo II

 photo ScreenShot10639.jpg

After moving to her own little farm house, Lily DeCarlo started two businesses: a sewing business and a small farmer's market. She also grew a plantbaby called James. James became a plantchild and is now helping his mom with gardening.


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Blair Dingwall is an ambitious sim, who wanted to start his second business and bought a café at the campus. After the Memorial Hospital in Clayton Village was built, Blair's wife Christa got a job there. Their four boys are soon going to grow up to teens, which is no doubt a big releaf for their parents. Or is it more of a concern? We'll have to see what happens with this gang later on.


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Emmaline gave birth to a baby boy James. Hamilton's criminal actions almost caused the life of their daughter Jennifer, when his money counterfeiting machine caught fire. Michelle started dating a TC resident called Jager and Jennifer grew up to a teen.

Gallagher II

 photo ScreenShot9494_1.jpg

Savio bought a little shopping mall at one of Clayfield's residential areas. Dorris gave birth to a boy called Kenny and later became pregnant again, resulting in the birth of quads: two boys and two girls. Savio started running another business, SG Gym and at the end of the round they moved to their own little house. Kenny grew up to a child.


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Vince was busy running his grocery store in Clayton Village, Celeste became pregnant for the second time and gave birth to little Joanna. Lou grew up to a knowledge-seeking child.

Johnny's B&B

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Joelle DeCarlo moved to the B&B after her family home got too crouded by relatives. She started dating Ed McSkittles, got pregnant and had a miscarriage. Now she hopes that Ed will have the same want: to get married and start their own family properly. Murdoch Quatro was released from the jail and he hired a room at Johnny's. He started working as a street performer, playing violin on community lots. Lexie Bigfoot also moved to the B&B after growing up, and now she's waiting to start her own sewing business in Clayfield. Johnny Smith, the man himself, was busy planning his future bank and renting apartments around the neighborhood. He continued his relationship with Chyna Novell, who later gave birth to Johnny's daughter Megan. At the end of the round Chyna got tired of waiting for Johnny to make a commitment to her and she moved out with Megan. Now she's living in a small apartment and learning how to be a young single parent.


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Audra caught pneumonia and had to go to the hospital for several days. There she gave birth to a boy called Jasper. Jesse spent time gambling at a local bar. Both Audra and Jesse are still working as teachers at the Elementary School, and soon Audra is going to become the principal there, after her father Roux retires.


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Lotte and Pirate were busy exercising and Ivar grew up to a teen, who enjoys all kinds of evil deeds. He spent time skipping school, sneaking out with girls and stealing stuff from other sims. How will his parents react when they realize, that their son wants to be a full-time criminal?


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Poor Morty doesn't see what's happening right under his nose. Even though his wife Honeybear already casually told him about her affairs, he keeps living in denial. After a family holiday at Three Lakes, Honeybear's affair only got worse. Other than woohooing, Honey was busy with her two businesses. Hubert grew up to a teen.

Mifsud II

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Finley grew up to an adult and is now working at her grandma's electronics store. She also started dating Rich Bigfoot. Jason grew up to a child and Avery became a teen. Lush keeps giving bad makeovers to her customers and Devon still spends most of his time working at Andre's music store.

Mifsud III

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Due to her gambling trait, Marie started spending a lot of time at a local games arcade. She also became pregnant again and gave birth to her second son, Clinton. Keighley grew up to a child and Connor became a teen. Galen was busy as ever painting and selling his art in the gallery.

Never II

 photo ScreenShot10348.jpg

It's still mostly businesses and child care in this family. Honor gave birth to their third child, Daphne, and worked at the baby supply store when ever she had time. Jay grew up to a teen. Aden spent most of his time at the car dealership, and at the end of the round the family moved to a new apartment building.

Never III

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Toby is super busy with his two businesses, but that doesn't stop him from dreaming about owning a third one. Sia decided to start working towards her dream of becoming Clayfield's first judge. Aretha and Jeevika grew up to teens.

Never IV

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After losing his wife last round, Zoran quickly made a new start with his ex-townie girlfriend Noria. Noria became pregnant via ACR and Zoran wanted finally to make a commitment to her, and popped the question at the end of the round. Cameron grew up to a teen, Chance became a child and later Noria gave birth to little Evan. At the end of the round Noria became sick with flu and now it looks like there's a dark cloud above Zoran and Noria's future happiness. Will she able to beat the sickness or will this family suffer a major loss once again?


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After having a momentary insanity moment with Honeybear Mifsud, Bennett met a lovely elder woman called Zara and they fell in love very fast. Things moved quickly: she soon moved in and they got married at the City Hall. The quads became teenagers and the whole family went to Twikkii Island to enjoy some honeymoon/family vacation time.


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Even though Roux's retirement years are very close, he still doesn't seem to want to slow down what comes to running the schools in Clayfield. Will he finally be able to let his daughter Audra take over the principal duties on next round? His wife Lucy hopes that she can convince him to relax more and just enjoy their golden years together, now that Dona is growing up and will soon became an adult aswell.


 photo ScreenShot10958.jpg

Even though Marylena recently tied the knot with Nitro, she still doesn't want to commit to her husband and stop chasing (younger) men around the neighborhood. Nitro is, of course, totally oblivious about it. Sunday and Korey grew up, Korey started college and Sunny moved to Clayton Village to start her own business. Marylena realized that she still has feelings for Damani, the father of her oldest daughter. They started a passionate affair, all behind Nitro's back. How long will it take until he finds out what's happening around him?

Novell III

 photo ScreenShot11018.jpg

Things are going pretty well with Andre Novell's family. The kids are growing up, and Andre with his wife Pollyanna are also getting older. Besides having some new kitties, working hard at the business and tending their garden, nothing special happened this round.

Novell IV

 photo ScreenShot11167.jpg

Kurt is now the proud owner of Clayfield's first jewelry store! They also adopted a toddler called Lucasta, who later became an adorable child. Ruth decided to start working in Medicine, carpooling to Clayton Memorial Hospital from their new house. At the end of the round Ruth became pregnant for the first time and they are now happy to welcome a little brother or sister for Lucasta.


 photo ScreenShot10254.jpg

Matty grew up to an adorable little boy and the family later welcomed twin girls Milena and Meadow. Debbie has her hands full with taking care of the kids and running the recycling center in Clayton Village.


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This family has dedicated their lifes helping other sims in Clayfield. Pastor Ben is busy taking care of his church with the living (and dead), and wife Manda started running a therapy center, where she gives individual and group therapy for troubled sims. Manda also gave birth to their first child Madeline, right in the middle of a baby shower!


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Ed McSkittles, Carlos Matsumoto and Rocky Novell all have something in common. They all try to get through college with as little studying as possible! At the end of the round they decided to try their luck with running a greek house. We have to see who makes it through college with some-what decent degree and who fails miserably. Or maybe they all will surprise us?


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Stripe, Izumi and Isilme moved to the rural side of Clayton Village. Isilme grew up to a teen and they went on a holiday to Twikkii Island. Isilme started dating Korey Thackray and the elders just spent time woohooing...and selling lemonade.

Troii II

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Rocky's family moved to an apartment in the centrum of Clayfield. Rocky was busy as always with his clothing store, Chey Lee continued to work at the bakery and the twins grew up to teens.

Troii III

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On this round Elfy became a werewolf (ROS), Robin grew up to a child and Mervin was busy trying to educate other sims to prevent fires in their house. Elfy became pregnant and gave birth to baby girl Samantha.

Troii IV

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Ash wanted to have another baby and she later gave birth to a boy called Jamie. Little Beatrice grew up to a child. Hayden proposed to Ash and they got married in their underwear. Soon after that Ash wanted to start an affair with the banker Johnny Smith. There are nasty rumors going around about Hayden and Ash's marriage now... Will they be able to make it or will their marriage crash and burn?


Clayfield Elementary School Students from Round 9:

 photo ScreenShot11266.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11267.jpg

Clayfield High School Students from Round 9:
 photo ScreenShot11308.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11309.jpg

Statistics from Round 9:

Births: 19
Deaths: -
Adoptions: 3

Playable sims: 143
Households: 34
Businesses: 42

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