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Clayfield - Round 9 - Johnny's B&B

Finally, the last household from round 9!

 photo ScreenShot11406_1.jpg

Last time Johnny Smith moved to Clayfield and started his own Bed & Breakfast. He also started working as a banker and landlord, renting apartments to other sims. Ash Novell, Steve Danner and Chyna Novell rented a room from the B&B. Later, Ash and Steve moved out and Chyna fell for Johnny and ended up getting pregnant by risky woohoo.

 photo ScreenShot11318.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11321.jpg

Wow, Johnny wants to marry Ash, who is already married! O.o
(I locked the want so that I could take a picture of it before it went away)

 photo ScreenShot11322.jpg

I think that Chyna hopes that Johnny would make a commitment to her instead..

 photo ScreenShot11323.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11324.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11325.jpg

Johnny is making a lot of money by renting apartments.

 photo ScreenShot11326.jpg

Joelle hired Dona to work as a restocker at the magic shop.

 photo ScreenShot11327.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11328.jpg

I wonder what potion did Harry buy?

 photo ScreenShot11329.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11330.jpg

Joelle wanted to cast spells on someone.

 photo ScreenShot11331.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11332.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11333.jpg

She's definitely an evil witch. :P

 photo ScreenShot11334.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11335.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11336.jpg

Yes Chyna, it's all because of your decision to jump into bed with Johnny.

 photo ScreenShot11337.jpg

He continues to give financial advices at home.

 photo ScreenShot11338.jpg

Can you sense the akwardness?

 photo ScreenShot11339.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11340.jpg

Stripe started calling and asking for Ash, even though she moved out.

 photo ScreenShot11344.jpg

And then, our favourite burglar Murdoch Quatro was released from the jail and he rented a room from Johnny's.
Murdoch's aspiration is Popularity/Family.

 photo ScreenShot11342.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11343.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11345.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11346.jpg

I randomized his skills and badges.

 photo ScreenShot11347.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11348.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11349.jpg

Johnny heard about Murdoch's past, but he still wanted to give him a chance to live at the B&B.

 photo ScreenShot11353.jpg

Off to visit other residents!

 photo ScreenShot11354.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11355.jpg

He's broke and definitely could use a money bag falling from the sky.

 photo ScreenShot11356.jpg

The first thing he bought was a violin.

 photo ScreenShot11357.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11358.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11359.jpg

I felt that his sensitive (read: quick to tears) personality would fit well for a musician. :D

 photo ScreenShot11360.jpg

So now, he goes from one community lot to the next, playing for tips!

 photo ScreenShot11361.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11362.jpg

The baby is on it's way.

 photo ScreenShot11363.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11364.jpg

They still keep woohooing, even though it's pretty obvious that it's just a casual thing from Johnny's side.

 photo ScreenShot11365.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11366.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11368.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11369.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11370.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11371.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11372.jpg

Joelle decided to get rid of her round belly by using some magic.

 photo ScreenShot11373.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11376.jpg

She also booty called Ed, who she was kissing with earlier this round!

 photo ScreenShot11377.jpg

And oh dear, she actually became pregnant from her first time! What's with these girls living in this house?!

 photo ScreenShot11378.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11379.jpg

We'll have to see how Ed reacts when he finds out that he's going to be a daddy.
As you may remember, he's not the most mature sim in the world.. :P

 photo ScreenShot11380.jpg

Talking about what's important.

 photo ScreenShot11381.jpg

Pop #2

 photo ScreenShot11382.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11383.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11384.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11385.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11386.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11387.jpg

Joelle's business is on rank 7 now.

 photo ScreenShot11388.jpg

That's adorable :)

 photo ScreenShot11389.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11390.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11392.jpg

Johnny and Chyna fell in love with each other.

 photo ScreenShot11394.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11395.jpg

And poor Joelle lost her baby. :(

 photo ScreenShot11396.jpg

Chyna went to buy some baby supplies from the recycling center.

 photo ScreenShot11397.jpg

And then, taking a buss back to Clayfield.

 photo ScreenShot11398.jpg

Stripe keeps calling and asking for Ash!

 photo ScreenShot11399.jpg

Lexie Bigfoot was the next sim to rent a room.

 photo ScreenShot11400.jpg

It looks like Johnny has started to think about making a commitment for Chyna?

 photo ScreenShot11401.jpg

Not sure if I've seen this want before!

 photo ScreenShot11402.jpg


 photo ScreenShot11404.jpg

Murdoch is playing at Marylena's bar this evening.

 photo ScreenShot11406.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11407.jpg

Lexie was curious about Joelle's magic skills.

 photo ScreenShot11408.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11409.jpg

Chyna gave birth to baby girl Megan.

 photo ScreenShot11411.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11412.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11413.jpg

Lexie was pretty much broke so she took a loan to be able to start off her sewing business.

 photo ScreenShot11414.jpg

She hired a townie to work as the second seamstress...

 photo ScreenShot11415.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11416.jpg

..and Flora Novell to handle the customers and cash register. Even though Flora is still young, she's doing a fantastic job!

 photo ScreenShot11417.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11418.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11419.jpg

Another booty call..

 photo ScreenShot11421.jpg

Chyna recieved a package from grandpa Roux.

 photo ScreenShot11422.jpg

It's Megan's birthday.

 photo ScreenShot11423.jpg

Another one?!

 photo ScreenShot11424.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11426.jpg

Megan looks more like her mom, but she does have Johnny's black hair.

 photo ScreenShot11427.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11428.jpg

Oh wow! So she really is serious about Ed. Let's just hope that he feels the same way...

 photo ScreenShot11429.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11430.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11431.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11432.jpg

Johnny hasn't rolled any wants about Chyna, but they still keep dusting the sheets.
I hope she's not planning on getting pregnant again!

 photo ScreenShot11433.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11435.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11436.jpg

 photo ScreenShot11437.jpg

Lexie's shop is on rank 3 now.

 photo ScreenShot11438.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11439.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11440.jpg

Since Murdoch wanted to have his first kiss, he met Sunday through the magic ball. And the first thing he said, was that he was just released from the prison! Maybe he was trying to gain some sympathy points? xD

 photo ScreenShot11441.jpg

And there you go!

 photo ScreenShot11442.jpg

Yes, he still keeps calling...

 photo ScreenShot11445.jpg

Lexie was able to pay off her entire loan. Good for you!

 photo ScreenShot11443.jpg

He booty called Sunday!

 photo ScreenShot11446.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11448.jpg
But all they did was some flirting in the front yard. I think Murdoch is a gentleman, who wants to take things slower.
 photo ScreenShot11450.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11452.jpg

At the end of the round, Chyna decided to move out. There wasn't enough room to raise a baby in the B&B, and she also got tired of waiting for Johnny to show some signs of commitment to her.

 photo ScreenShot11451.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11454.jpg


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